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Applied Network Security Provides Hardware, Software and Related Services for Video Surveillance, Security and Monitoring includes, but not limited to, cameras, security, access and monitoring. The technology based products, related software and services we provide include the following:

Video Surveillance-Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Consulting, System design, Engineering System Integrattion Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance more

Access Control Security Systems
Consulting, System design, Engineering System Integrattion Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance more

Alarm, Intrusion and Video, System Monitoring ... more

Security & Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Consulting, System design, Engineering System Integrattion Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance more

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Our Capabilities

Applied Network Security staff has the expertise to translate your requirements into effective operational solutions:
  • Mission system design and integration specializing in: Video Surveillance, Intelligence, and Reconnaissance
  • Crisis & emergency management command, Control, and Communications room
  • Security system design and integration
  • Security solution design, engineering and analysis
  • Security system reliability/maintenance and upgrade
  • Test engineering

Your Requirement

Our capabilities to meet your requirements:
  • Program management using Integrated Product Development System
  • Knowledge/based process that maximizes customer value
  • Mission system integration
  • Security systems modification/upgrade
  • Security Systems maintenance, and life extension
  • Design, development, and production of multi-vendor security deployment
  • Logistics support

Latest News

Security Training

Security Awareness Training
Training Objective
Our Security Awareness Training program helps create a general understanding and awareness of security among employees and the general public. The objective of our training program is to:
  1. Increase awareness on the importance of securing information and property efficiently.
  2. Cover the different types of threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist while learning effective ways to minimize security exposures at the employee level.
  3. Teach more about the different types of effective security management practices and tools that can be used to increase information and physical security as end users.
  4. Create an in-depth culture of security among businesses and government employees.

Target Audience

The Security Awareness Training program is developed for staff and covers the most important security concerns of companies (small, medium or large) and government agencies in their day-to-day activities. Our training increases the awareness of staff regarding relevant security issues.

About the Training

Our training program covers the following security concerns that a typical employee needs to be aware of:

  • Information and physical security terminology and concepts.
  • Information management as related to confidentiality, data protection and privacy.
  • Access Control and authentication.
  • Different types of security threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist while using effective ways to minimize these security risks.
  • Security incident reporting and handling.
  • Data Storage and Device management.
  • Security in the office environment and in the work place.

Our training team consists of security professionals and trainers with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of security. These training professionals are well exposed to many facets of security training and are well equipped to deliver such courses.